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How does lifestyle affect you?

What is a lifestyle?  The current definition came into prevalence in the 1950s, but How does lifestyle affect you?originated with the psychologist Adler.  Lifestyle refers to both material and immaterial things.  Examples of different aspects that fit into a person’s lifestyle are their religious values, whether they have a positive or negative attitude, even their taste in food.

People who life in cities often have a very different style of life, than people who live in rural farm areas.  Depending on which neighborhood you live can also affect your lifestyle.  Rich neighborhoods tend to have a more opulent way of living, as opposed to poorer neighborhoods.  Geography also plays a strong influence.  For example, there is a culture based around surfing that is only found in coastal areas.

A person’s lifestyle is usually a mirror image on what their values in life are.  These often revolve around symbols within the culture that the particular individual relates to.  Beauty is a perfect example of how one chooses to express themselves via their lifestyle choices.  Our idea of when and where it’s appropriate to wear make up, and when we should dress our best is directly related to this.  Often times social rules can limit how the person expresses these values and can apply certain pressures to act and behave in a certain way.  Blurring the lines between the individual and society as a whole.  Sometimes every day mannerisms teeter on the line between a personal lifestyle choice, and a cultural practice.  An example of this, is “going green”.  Attempting to be environmentally friendly, signals a different way of life.

A person’s lifestyle might include their opinions of relationships, political views, and especially health.


Depending on a person’s choices their health can be dramatically affected.  Lifestyle is a tremendous influence on health.  Some people value have a healthy lifestyle which involves fitness, cleanliness, and proper sleep.  When it comes to staying physically fit, some people might chose invest in an exercise machine, whereas for others who value sleep they might invest in a snoring device such as Good Morning Snore Solution.  Certain lifestyles might also contribute to poor sleep, and mental illness such as depression.  This includes habitual drinking and party behavior, living the “rock star” life.  Cigarette smoking is another prime example of this sort of behavior.


has technology changed your lifestyle?The emergence of the modern technological world has been a tremendous influence on how people live.  Many people argue that in a mobile, social media oriented world it’s changed the way that human beings connect and interact with each other for the worse.

Other commentators note, that it’s made us more connected to one another than ever before allowing for the ease of transmission in different information streams.  Technology has not just changed the way we communicate.  Transportation, medicine, and even war have all be transformed in recent years by technological advances.  The emergence of these new technologies has completely transformed the lifestyles of many individuals in the first and emerging third worlds.  Many facets of our lives have become easier and more streamlined allowing for more time for leisure and play.  According to Stop Snoring Consumer Reports (SSCR) this leisure time often leads to sedentary behavior, which in turn can cause obesity which is linked to a variety of health problems include heart disease, snoring and sleep apnea, as well as diabetes.



what is beauty?

what is beauty?We shave our legs, clip our nails, pluck our eyebrows, color our hair, visit the doctor for plastic surgery.  Go on crash diets, lose a ton of weight, gain it all back.  We wish that our stomachs were flatter, our arms weren’t so flabby, our butts more toned, or maybe that are legs are longer.  Often times we wish that we look like the woman we saw in a magazine, or in the movies.  There’s a little voice in the back of your head saying, “Why can’t I look like her?”  It clothing stores, and on TV.  Basically, from every form of media we are thrown images as to what we are supposed to look like and who we are supposed to be.  Buy this new dress, buy these new shoes.  Always we are chasing the latest fashions and falling behind.  Never once I have seen an ad campaign that said, “embrace your inner beauty.”

Sometimes we wake up in tears because we feel ugly and unloved.  Feeling mentally and physically exhausted from the struggles of day to day life.  Constantly we beat ourselves up for failing to live up to our ideals, our dream lifestyle, and our high expectations.  Often we are repulsed by ourselves when we fail to hit an impossibly high mark.  The truth is that our real beauty isn’t based on what we think it is.

What is real beauty and where can we find it in our lives?

Rest assured.  It’s not hidden in a secret magazine, nor is it in a six pack of soda.  It’s not in a flatter stomach, or at a weight watchers meeting.  You can’t get it by applying more make up, or injecting yourself with some kind of needle.  It’s not at the jewelry store with a ridiculously expensive price tag, nor is it on the treadmill at your local 24 hour gym.  So where is it?  It’s what’s inside of your heart, it’s deep inside of you.

  •  You are beautiful, exactly the way the creator made you

Raw, unadulterated, powerful, and unabashed beauty comes from deep within you.  It opens up like a flower blooming on a meadow after a Spring rain.  It emboldens your spirit in a way that nothing else can.  A strong modern woman is an unstoppable force!  You can’t take her down a notch.  Nothing can hold her back.  I have been through these trials myself.  I have spent nights in tears, and mornings in confidence.  I am been in the deepest depths of depression, and atop the highest mountains you can imagine.  What is truly beautiful manifests in more ways than one.  If there’s one thing that you can take away from this article.  It’s that your beautiful just the way you are, right now, exactly how you are.




There are two kinds of special effects.  Effects that mechanical, and effects that are fireoptical.  Often times effects that are added after the production of a film are referred to as visual effects, and special effects are referred things that occur mechanically on the site.  An example of this would be an explosion, whereas adding 3D models after the fact would be a visual effect.

Special effects can include moving props, mechanical scenery, anthropomorphic characters, false wind or rain.  SFX can even be incorporated into the design of a set through false floors, break away doors, or even make up.  Many special effects today are achieved through the use of CGI or computer generated imaginary.  This always for effects that would have otherwise been impossible in the past to suddenly come to life.  This sort of technique has been used in most major blockbuster films in the past 20 years.  An example of where this technology would be employed would be a movie like Avatar, or the upcoming Godzilla film.  Unfortunately sometimes this takes a turn for the worse as seen here when on this article explaining how many faked helicopter crashes lead to real deaths.

Often times live performers will use special effects to stun their audience.  This often takes the form of pyrotechnics or laser lights.  Sometimes this is done purely for the shock value.  This type of performance artistry has it’s roots in Heavy Metal, but is often seen in the performances of many genres today.  A notable example was at the Coachella music festival when a hologram of the dead rapper Tupac was displayed on stage for his first performance since 1994.